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Happy Spring Festival !

Happy Spring Festival !
Hello everybody! Today is the first day of Spring Festival.And yesterday is Spring Festival’s eve.
Spring Festival is Chinese traditional festival, it’s the most important festival in China (as important as Christmas in some country ,or more than).
But don’t think that the spring festival is the fixed day .It ‘s depend on lunar calendar, it will be different day in different year.So can’t make sure.
In China,during Spring Festival ,Chinese usually stick the couplets on the gate ‘s two side,,left side and right side.On the top it’s the topic,and on the couplets people will write good words or best whishes on it,and sometimes the sentence or the words there seems like Chinese poem.

And we also like to stick the word “lucky” also means “happiness” on the wall or on the middle of the door.
People like hang the “lucky” upside down,it means the lucky and the happiness has arrived.

Some “lucky” by print ,some of them are handwriting.Here has the handwriting about “lucky”,it’s the normal way to write not upside down.
The penman use different styles of calligraphy to write the “lucky”

There also has some others style about “lucky”

In the eve day ‘s night ,Family’s member will gather together.
We eat dumplings,and before share the delicious dinner ,we will bust the firecracker,it means bring good luck and have a ebullient start for next year.
I said that today is the first day of the new year,so people will visit friends today and send best whishes to each other, for now u can send message ,give a call and say “guo nian hao”(Chinese new years greeting,it means have a good luck year)
And tomorrow is the second day of Spring Festival,it’s the day for u visit your relative,especially for daughter visit her parents.
Ok,today I just tell you some of this,by the way,in China ,there has a custom,maybe u know,that’s the children will ask the “red paper poke” from the elder. it means red paper containing money as a gift
So just speak out your best whishes to ask the “red pake”.
OK, Here I wish my my family and all my friends and people around the world lucky and happiness all the year.


Something about Chinese painting

>>The main tools used in Chinese painting are the same as those of Chinese calligraphy: the brush,the ink and the ink-stone.

>>As you see ,in Chinese painting ,flowers may be painted without braches or any other background,for these could be of only secondary interest(By doing this ,the artist presents his main theme in a more concentrated ,vivid and strking manner.)

>>Chinese painters aim at capturing both the form and the spirit of their objects.They put more emphasis on portraying the spirit than on the presenting a photographic likeness.An artist who paints from life pays less attention to light and shade than to the object itself—above all,its spirit,inner nature and character.

Here has two pictures about the main tools in Chinese painting ,as you see the ink-stone is the balck one here.


Something about Chinese painting

Do you know ,in Chinese painting ,there has four plants are the best ,people believe they have great nature,they are
Plum blossom, Bamboo, Orchid, chrysanthemum

Let me explain for you ,then.

Plum blossom
you know this kind of flower can live in could winter,it's not the only plant can live in winter ,but most of flower cant live in winter ,so Chinese people believe Plum blossom has power and she is strong,with courage ,adamancy…… People think it means "Never say die!"
Chinese people think bamboo means a kind of person,which is gentle and can be horour ,bamboo is empty inside ,it means it's modest ,leave the space for learn more from each other."Everybody can be the teacher of mine." .And you see the bamboo are straight ,so it also means bamboo are the men of unquestioned moral rectitude.
She/he has the simplicity elegance.She/he never care what the others say,never care where to she/he live in ,even poor ,she/he won't change her/his good nature,no matter what happend .She/he live in the place far from nosiy cityand she/he meditated for heart and thoughts inside……
She/he is the other kind of gentle ,she/he just want to live in some place peaceful,don't want live in the rich city ,she/he treat money as dung.She/he just want live as its own way……

These are all the men of honour in Chinese 's thoughts,the four gentleman

And that's all what I want to say,but I think maybe I cant explain clearly ,cuz the diffrient culture and also cuz my poor English .^^

Chinese painting ——Bamboo

Do u know ,when u standing in bamboo grove ,you will feel the fresh air and there always has something about mystery……
And Shifu (master) would like do kongfu here ,yea,in the bamboo grove……

Chinese painting——Bamboo

Chinese painting ——Plum blossom

Simple and Peaceful

Chinese painting—— Orchid

Chinese painting ——Plum blossom

Chinese painting ——birds play with willow

Chinese painting ——Cherry & plum blossom and unknown name leaf

Chinese painting ——Plum blossom

Chinese painting ——Plum blossom

how do u think abut this ? This plum blossom seems like and dragon full with encourage ,and a dancing dragon,how do u think ?

Chinese painting ——Plum blossom

Can u imagine what it looks like ?
In my opinion it looks like a standing dragon,how do you think ?

Chinese painting —— "Three man of honour"

You know in China,there has four plants are the best ,people think they have good nature
I will introduce them later

Chinese painting —— Green trees

Chinese painting

Chinese paiting ——Plum Blossom and Bamboo


I 'm losing ,but everything will be fine

I 'm Andrea,a Chinese girl will fly ,^_^ want to fly !